Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TechNet Wiki: The number of BizTalk articles is growing …

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post for the Official blog of TechNet Wiki with the topic “Wiki-Ninjas on Technology: BizTalk Server”. In that blog post I wrote a story on contributions of the community and Microsoft employees for the TechNet Wiki. Mid December there were little of 40 BizTalk Wiki Articles and over a month’s time it has grown to little over 70. That is a tremendous growth of articles (around 30). It show increasing popularity of the TechNet Wiki as a channel of information on Microsoft technology and products.

The newly added articles on BizTalk Server have been written by myself, Tord Glad Nordahl, Sandro Pereira, Howard S. Edidin, and Mick Badran. All these articles (existing and new) are being improved every day by people mentioned here and others (Microsoft employees and the community). I expect the number will grow over time to over 100+ articles as more community members will probably join.

With the wealth of information on TechNet Wiki, MSDN and other Microsoft channels combined you can fully leverage the BizTalk Server platform. You can reach all the BizTalk related wiki articles through BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki article.

Enjoy reading any of the articles and hopefully you will find them useful.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

BizTalk Processing Monitor in Public Beta

Since this week BizTalk Processing Monitor is available as a Public Beta. It can be obtained here.

Why use BizTalk Processing Monitor
Depending on how you setup BizTalk Processing Monitor, it helps you, amongst others, with the following needs:

  • Monitoring and notification of any message flow interruptions
  • Get insight in how the BizTalk solution is setup
  • Adds value when doing stress or load tests
  • Informs you when your BizTalk system is throttling and why
  • Informs you in how many messages (in number and in KB, MB or GB) are processed
  • Informs you what kind of messages (Message types) are processed
  • Informs you about transmission failures
The most important features of BizTalk Processing Monitor are:
  • Message flow monitoring with notifications
  • Throttling monitoring with notifications
  • Singleton Backlog monitoring
  • Support for multiple environments
  • Integration with other monitoring tools
The following documentation is available:
  • Getting started with BizTalk Processing Monitor (download)
  • How to use the Traffic Light Monitoring (download)
  • Overview Keyboard Shortcuts (download)
  • Exporting and importing Diagrams (download)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ordina BizTalk Innovation Event: Monitoring and Administration

I am organizing an event at Ordina on BizTalk Innovation with the topic “Monitoring and Administration”. This is the first event of a series of events under name “Ordina BizTalk Innovation” that will take place at my company Ordina. This and future events are open for customers, the community and Ordina professionals. The event on the 1st of February three speakers will do their presentations on BizTalk Monitoring and administration. During the event I will be the host.

Wouter Crooy, Senior BizTalk Consultant, will have a session on:

Custom Monitoring solutions for BizTalk, ESB Toolkit & WCF

Wouter will during his talk provide a number of custom solutions for monitoring a BizTalk solution and the ESB Toolkit . Using the standard tooling of BizTalk will get you a long way, still with some of the custom monitoring solutions you can have more insight in your own custom BizTalk solutions.

Saravana Kumar, BizTalk MVP, CEO of BizTalk360 will talk on:

Manage your BizTalk Server environment efficiently using BizTalk360

BizTalk 360 is a web based (Silverlight RIA) application primarily designed for supporting and monitoring Microsoft BizTalk Server environments. It addresses some of the common challenges organizations face on running the day to day operations of a BizTalk environment. Some of the key capabilities of BizTalk360 includes:

  • Fine grained authorization
  • Governance/Audit
  • Proactive Monitoring/Notification capabilities
  • Graphical Message Flow Viewer for Tracking data
  • Various dashboards (Environment, Application, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, Host etc)
  • Advanced Event Viewer
  • Integrated BAM Portal
  • Dynamic topology diagram
  • Message Box Viewer (MBV) integration
  • Knowledge base repository

There are various other features in addition to the above, that makes BizTalk 360 a must have application for any Microsoft BizTalk Server environments.

Lex Hegt, BizTalk Architect, will have a session on:

Lex will talk on BizTalk monitoring in general and provide an overview on existing tooling in context with BizTalk administration. He will also demonstrate the BizTalk Processing Monitor. This is a tool that, among other things, does (near) real-time monitoring of message flows through BizTalk systems enabling the administrator to quickly identifying issues.

You can register for the event here. The talks of Lex and Wouter will be in Dutch and Saravana’s talk in English. Also joining us during this event will be Tord Grad Nordahl BizTalk expert on BizTalk administration from Bouvet ASA (Norway).