Friday, August 26, 2011

What new Training Kit BizTalk 2010

There is a new training kit for BizTalk 2010. It contains:

Hands On Labs

  • Creating BizTalk Maps with the new Mapper
  • Consuming a WCF Service
  • Publishing Schemas and Orchestrations as WCF Services
  • Integrating with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Integrating using the FTP Adapter
  • Developers - Create a Role and Party-based Integration Solution
  • Exploring the New Settings Dashboard
  • Monitoring BizTalk Operations using System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2
  • Administrators - Create a Role and Party-based Integration Solution

Presentations and Videos
  • Introduction and New Features Overview
  • The New and Improved Mapper
  • Updated Adapter Features
  • Trading Partner Management
  • Configuring Performance and Application Settings
  • Monitoring BizTalk Using Operations Manager

BizTalk 2010 Environment

You will be needing a BizTalk 2010 environment to do the labs and for that you have a couple of options:

a) Create an environment yourself if you access to resources like MSDN

b) Download the virtual disk contain BizTalk environment. You will need Window 2008 Hyper V for that. Workaround is that after downloading the VHD you convert it to VMDK and mount in VMWare workstation.

c) Download the BizTalk Administration Kit Virtual Hard Disk also containing training for administrators. Apply same workaround if you want it in VMWare workstation.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BizTalk RFID and StreamInsight Talk

Coming Monday I will present together with my colleague Wouter on BizTalk RFID and StreamInsight (Complex Event Processing). It is what my company calls a “Innoveer jij mee sessie” and these talks are about innovation. I did similar talk a few months back on BizTalk AppFabric Connect. Talks are in Dutch and hosted at or Headquarters in Nieuwegein. It is open for public and you are free to register here.

If you cannot make it the talk following resources will cover what we will talk about:

If you can make it and looking forward seeing you at presentation.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Learn about the BizTalk Business rules Engine

One of the strong points of the BizTalk Server Integration suite is the inclusion of a very versatile, flexible and extendable Business rules engine.

This versatility, however, is the same thing that makes it widely underused in deployments using BizTalk Server. Even today, being on the market in various versions for more than 6 years, I see people often struggle with it.

The root problem: the same flexibility and versatility comes with a rather steep learning curve to master.

To help you get started, Microsoft has packed a hands-on learning guide into a Virtual Lab. You can get to it here.

Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

BizTalk 2010 : Line of Business System Integration

Packt Publishing has released another great BizTalk resource by title of Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Line of Business Integration.

Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Line of Business Systems Integration

Authors have done an excellent job detailing integration with Dynamics (CRM,AX), SalesForce, SharePoint, and SAP. There was not much documentation on integration with Dynamics for instance and most it was out dated. Currently there a couple of BizTalk books out there and all they focus mainly on out-of-box features and capabilities. None of them really talked about capabilities offered by BizTalk Adapter Pack that has been out there a couple years now. Line-Of-Business adapters in this package enable integration with SAP, Oracle, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Siebel and and SQL Server. This book does deal with integration with a couple of these LOB systems.

Besides that it shows how to integrate with SharePoint, and Dynamics two other Microsoft Products, which may seem that that easy to integrate with. It isn't, as it can be quite complex, but with guidance provided in this book it will make life easier for you. If professionals like yourself are facing issues on current projects with these systems, or need guidance on how prepare yourselves before going to do integration project, or want more background/knowledge than this book will be extremely useful for you.

I myself have bought the book and promoted it during a talk on Sales Force integration I gave to BizTalk Dutch User Group as it was a great resource for preparation and leveraging samples.