Friday, October 12, 2012

Real World Scenarios with BizTalk360

During the Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event, 26/27 September 2012 in Stavanger, Norway, there were 2 presentations about BizTalk360. One was held by Saravana Kumar, the founder of BizTalk360, and I did another presentation about this product. Where Saravana showed many functionalities, including the new V5 functionalities, from BizTalk360 from a Product perspective, I wanted it to turn around and have a look at BizTalk360 from a Customer perspective. Therefore I talked about some Real World scenarios with BizTalk360.

In addition to my presentation I wrote an article on this topic and extended it with describing the most important functionalities in V5, which was released recently.

In the article I explain why having a Shared Infrastructure, like BizTalk, makes monitoring more complex. I also describe how BizTalk360 reduces the number of consoles you need to monitor a BizTalk environment.

To expand the visibility from BizTalk360, I posted the article on CodeProject. You can find it here:

More information about BizTalk360, can be found here:

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