Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Could not find server 'servername' in sys.servers after running the BizTalk Backup job on Windows Azure

After I provisioned a Windows Azure Virtual Machine, which was based on the BizTalk Server 2013 Beta image from the Gallery, I configured the BizTalk Backup job.

Normally it is enough to just apply the file locations of the Full backup and the Log backup and to Enable the job, but when I did this, I noticed in the History of the job, that the job failed.

The error I got was 'Could not find server BTS2013B in sys.servers', where BTS2013B is the name that I assigned to the Virtual Machine.

I checked the sys.servers table and retrieved the servername. Both showed something else than the expected name BTS2013B, namely WIN-QMPGBU8OQOK. Apparently this is the original name of the Windows installation on the VM.
To fix this problem I ran the following statements in SQL Server Management Studio,
EXEC sp_dropserver 'WIN-QMPGBU8OQOK';
EXEC sp_addserver 'BTS2013B', 'local';
Afterwards I saw that the server name is still WIN-QMPGBU8OQOK, but in sys.servers, the field data_source is now BTS2013B, which is enough for the BizTalk Backup job to run properly.
The only thing left is to restart the SQL Server service and then the BizTalk Backup job runs fine!

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