Saturday, January 13, 2007

BizTalk 2006 Recipes – A problem-solution approach

I would like to mention that there is a great book available about BizTalk 2006. It is called “BizTalk 2006 Recipes”, published by Apress and written by Mark Beckner, Ben Goeltz, Brandon Gross, Brennan O’Reilly, Stephen Roger, Mark Smith and Alexander West. (ISBN 1-59059-711-7)

In the book you will find a comprehensive guidance on working through complex deployment challenges, including tested, reusable code snippets for use in production, enabling faster deployment and minimal post-implementation engineering support.I already did a quick read in the book during my BizTalk 70-235 study, the book gives a detailed step by step overview of solutions (with lots of images) on how to work with BizTalk. The authors really did a good job to provide you with solutions that work, but best of all that works well.

In the next month(s) I will read this book and try to run all the provided solutions. I will post feedback about this book on my personal blog.

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